• Maintenance Free
    Maintenance free and require no replacement parts.
  • High Surge Current Capability
    Provides protection against lightning strikes ranging from 60kA to 200kA (8/20µs) and 5kA to 25 kA (10/350µs)   
  • Low let-through voltage & optimum protection level
    Strikesorb SPDs have low let-through voltage and optimum protection levels which keep sensitive equipment safe.
  • High short-circuit rating
    Enabling flexible integration and installation.
  • Fuseless
    Strikesorb SPDs do not require an internal fuse to operate safely. The advantages are lower clamping voltages, elimination of voltage surge when a fuse opens, low maintenance and no replacement parts.
  • In-Line Connection
    Strikesorb SPDs can be installed “in-line,” eliminating the cable length and resulting in the lowest clamping voltage possible.
  • Safe, Won’t Burn or Smoke
    Strikesorb’s design eliminates the use of any material that could burn or smoke. The aluminum casing and internal components incorporated into the design of Strikesorb manage the heat generated within the device when a surge occurs.
  • Distribution Grade MOV
    Strikesorb technology traces its origins to the electrical transmission and distribution industry. It incorporates large diameter distribution grade MOVs that can handle much larger surges without affecting performance.
  • UL-Listed
    Strikesorb modules are fully UL-recognized as either Type 2 or Type 4 devices, according to the UL1449 3rd ed. safety standard.
  • IEC-Compliant
    Strikesorb modules have been certified by VDE as Class I and Class II SPD products, according to IEC 61643-1:2005 2nd edition.
  • Tested Performance
    Performance specifications are actual test results conducted at internationally recognized independent laboratories.
  • 10-Year Module Warranty
    Strikesorb modules carry a 10 year warranty

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