ACS Drives & Control Systems Ltd are a leading Drives solutions provider to Irish industry and can provide energy saving solutions for any motor driven process. We are a Gold Standard member of ABBs Authorised Value Provider Program, a global network of approved and cert6ified ABB Partners. We offer the complete range of ABB Variable Speed Drives as well as installation, commissioning, maintenance and lifecycle support. ACS Drives are Ireland only ABB certified commissioning and repair specialists.

We offer, through extensive experience in the sector unrivalled advice and support from your pre-purchase enquiries through to customer specific maintenance programs for your existing installed base.

We aim to provide a complete solution for our customers from installation through to commissioning and beyond. We offer on the spot technical support and boast the most responsive service division in the sector due to our strategically positioned service team. Our team is acknowledged as being the best in the business and have experience in all areas of industry from Cement to Chemical and Pharma and from Food and Beverage to Utilities.

ACS Drives are agents for the worlds only maintenance free, install and forget surge protection system. Click on rayvoss link below for further details.

Principles of Our Work

  • Take a highly collaborative approach with our clients.
    ACS Drives regard all of our customers as more than just clients. We offer advice and collaborate with all of our clients with regards to specification, correct installation procedures, training, lifecycle services and maintenance, all with the end goal of an innovative, efficient solution that will meet the clients need not just now but long term also.
  • Incorporate flexibility in performance & Design.
    We, at ACS Drives realise that various project parameters can shift and change on occasions at a moments notice. We at ACS Drives pride ourseleves on our ability to adapt and to respond to changes swiftly and precisely in order to deliver the projects objectives.
  • Deliver Projects Safely & on Time.
    ACS Drives are committed to delivering all of our products and services in a timely and uncompromisingly safe manner.
  • Continuous Commitment to Development.
    At ACS Drives there will always exist a passion to develop and improve our products and services. We have introduced many innovative ideas to the market throughout the past decade and plan to continue to deliver many, many more in the future.
  • Support Throughout the Lifecycle.
    ACS Drives have unrivalled expertise in areas such as cost of ownership, maintenance costs and predictive or preventative maintenance. This, along with our industry leading technical support offers our clients an unrivalled service from day one.